Whistlestop Scotland

Tomorrow I’m off on a whistlestop tour of Scotland, from Edinburgh to Inverness via Blairdrummond and Aberdeen. I’m highly excited – mainly because it means I don’t have to be at work for a whole week, having only had three days off since 27 August. That’s 25 days at work and 3 days off. No wonder I’m a tad tired!

It is also a brilliant opportunity to buy books and read books. My Wednesday afternoon will be dedicated to trawling Edinburgh’s many excellent bookshops, before meeting an old university friend (and fellow English graduate and lifelong book nut – she’s the first person I met who double-stacked their books) for some homebrew and long overdue lunacy. And now she produces books herself! She is the person whom I have to thank for working in museums, and also who kept me sane at university by being an excellent co-giggling fishwife and being my ‘running-away partner’ when it all got a bit much. [We usually just ran to the nearest country pub, a favourite of which was The Chequers.] Last night I also dreamed that her boyfriend was a Hobbit who spoke in riddles, so I’m looking forward to ascertaining if this is true.

Blogging will not be happening here whilst I’m away – but I have already written guest posts for the following two blogs, so keep a weather eye on them to see if my wise words pop up in the interim:



And if they don’t, there are plenty of interesting things on them by other, more brilliant people to keep you occupied!