Submission and recommendations

Hurrah! I completed my draft first chapter (well, part of it) of Fame is the Monster in time for the Scottish Book Trust’s 5th September deadline. Now it’s just a case of playing the waiting game…

The Age of Wonder by Richard Holmes

The Age of Wonder by Richard Holmes

In the mean time I am going to start approaching publishers with the bare bones of Fame: having never done this before, I have no idea how it will pan out but I’ve read a few guides to non-fiction publication submissions and hopefully a couple of sympathetic ears will have a pre-submission listen too.

And by means of giving you something meaningful to read, here are a couple of links to my top three historical biographers, with links to reviews of what I’ve enjoyed most from their oeuvre:

Jenny Uglow – author of the brilliant Lunar Men, which looks at ‘the scientific club that formed the intellectual engine of the industrial revolution’.

Richard Holmes – penned The Age of Wonder, a book about ‘real heroes,  scientists like Joseph Banks, Humphrey Davy and William Herschel, who changed our understanding of the world forever’.

Kathleen Jones – bringing the women of the Wordsworth circle back into the public eye with A Passionate Sisterhood.

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