Discriminating brevity

Over the last few months I have continuously struggled to write blog posts about classic literature, largely because I wasn’t reading much of it. Then I realised what I had actually been reading and enjoying were biographies and autobiographies. I’d raced through David Millar’s Racing Through the Dark, which followed hot on the wheels of Tyler Hamilton’s The Secret Race – even though I am hardly the keenest follower of cycling, comparing these two accounts of the pressures and personalities of pro-cycling was fascinating. It helped that, for sports autobiographies, both were incredibly well-(ghost)written. Kudos to Daniel Coyle and Jeremy Whittle, as well as Millar and Hamilton, for that.

So I decided to shift the focus of this blog to life writing. I hope you, my small readership, will not mind.

Open Book (Robert Sparkes)

Open Book (Robert Sparkes)

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